July 2018 Recap

Hey there. I hope everyone has had a good summer! I know things are starting to wind down for most people, whether it be school starting or seasonal upticks at work. Remember the fun you had or all the things you’ve learned over the last few months. I myself will be starting school here in August and have started to get into the swing of things at work. I hope things continue smoothly for you.

This month was a bit different as I received severance from my last position and took the opportunity to pay down my car. I also wasn’t using the healthiest coping skills with the change, however, I think things are improving now. I also added a category to my spreadsheet: business services. As the business is separate, it should be tracked separately, so that’s no longer factored into bills & utilities. I had $4,841.92 in expenses and $5,363.90 in income.


Work Income: $5,101.26

  • Mileage: $105.43
  • Paycheck: $2,840.55
  • Bonus: $2,155.28

Miscellaneous Income: $230.00

  • Family: $230.00

Passive Income: $32.64

  • Dividends: $23.53
    • DIS: $1.68
    • KO: $7.08
    • SRC: $2.77
    • UHT: $4.51
    • VER: $4.12
    • Acorns: $3.37
  • Interest: $1.89
  • Prosper: $6.66
  • Refund: $0.56

Total: $5,363.90


My expenses were a bit more than usual as I paid down my car.

Auto: $2,271.04

  • Payment: $2,180.00
  • Gas: $91.04

I quite literally paid just about 11x my normal auto payment which is already $28 more than the actual payment. Thank you, severance!

Bills: $1,378.69

  • Standard: $288.22
  • Insurance: $96.78
  • Mortgage: $993.69

Like I mentioned, I’ve separated out business services so this category looks a bit different then normal. This is also my highest month so far in terms of energy use at more than $50. I’ve changed a few things around the house, such as unplugging things when not in use, so we’ll see how things look next month. I don’t expect it to be much lower though.

Business Services: $95.30

  • Online presence: $47.54
  • Administrative:$47.76

The online presence consists of two websites, a creative document editing tool, and email services. The administrative cost is from me buying ink for my printer that will not work. So that was a great use of funds.

Credit Cards: $115.68

  • Capital One: $10.68
  • Discover: $105.00

Typical payments here, though my Spotify membership is no longer 50% cashback anymore, so I’m paying the full price. Still totally worth it.

Health: $629.18

  • Doctor: $50.00
  • General: $10.00
  • Insurance: $118.20
  • Pharmacy: $70.00
  • Vitamins: $15.98
  • Chiropractor: $365.00

A huge change here. I was very motivated, so I got a bunch of things checked out, which has been SO nice. The biggest changes here are that I’m accounting for both my health and cancer insurance here now, didn’t see my therapist, and started seeing a chiropractor. The chiropractor was $273 for my first visit due to first time fees and x-rays being taken. Turns out that my jaw, neck, shoulder, head pain is due to the spine in my neck being almost straight up and down with a small curve going the opposite direction it is supposed to be, which is supposed to have a massive curve.

I 100% recommend individuals experiencing any pain or nerve issues to see a chiropractor prior to spend thousands of dollars on massages and botox. My jaw issues have completely healed, I don’t need to sleep on my floor in order to sleep, I don’t have nearly as many headaches, which all means I’m taking practically no tylenol. Hella, my friends. Hella.

Education: $0

No spending here this month as I was in-between signing up for classes and actually paying for or buying anything for them. This will increase in August.

Expenses: $178.59

  • Groceries: $72.42
  • Home Goods: $3.99
  • Personal Care: $17.29
  • Miscellaneous Fees: $15.89

More standard purchases here.

Miscellaneous: $473.80

  • Alcohol: $144.53
  • Cigarettes: $24.85
  • Food: $109.47
  • Miscellaneous: $144.95

This section is a lot less than last month, which makes me happy. Like I mentioned last month, I have been facing difficulties with my drinking and have started smoking again to curb this. It’s probably not a good sign when your favorite bar doesn’t ask for your drink order and is giving you free shots. Solving some relationship issues has also been immensely helpful. Who knew talking to your significant other could decrease the amount of stress your feeling? I do expect the alcohol costs to decrease. Everything else will likely stay similar.

Total: $4,841.92

Things are definitely improving and I still anticipate being able to accomplish several of my listed goals. I’m also significantly happier at work (even though I loathe my boss) and with personal projects, such as the business. I’m trying to curb my unhealthy coping skills and boosting my healthy ones. This will be a challenge and will take time, but hey, time’s all we got, right?

Net Worth: $46,225.30

It’s weird to think that the condo I’ve owned for a bit less than a year is already worth $20,000 more than when I bought it for $132,000. I hope the trend continues.


  • Auto Loan: $3,338.55, 75.24% paid off
  • Home Loan: $124,429.64, 0.01% paid off

It is absolutely beautiful to see my auto loan’s progress. I love it. In terms of my home’s equity, Mint has it valued at: $139,850 while RedFin has it valued at: $149,782. Therefore, my equity is between 11.03% and 16.93%. My net worth is based off the more consertive Mint value. If I used RedFin’s value, I would have a net worth of more than $50,000! I know I’ll most likely hit this milestone soon regardless. It’s exciting to see all the progress I’ve made in my five years since I started tracking my funds, and I have used Mint all that time. It’s not the most reliable service, but it’s nice for month-by-month tracking.

How was your July?

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