June 2018 Recap

It’s been a while. I hope all of you are enjoying this summer. Things have closed down at my last job and I have moved to the next. The sid-business is still moving slowly but surely. I’ll keep you updated.

This month was very similar to previous months this year. I had $3,256.49 in expenses and $2,721.67 in income.


I had a pretty standard month when it comes to income this month.

Work Income: $2,422.42

  • Mileage: $147.14
  • Paycheck: $2,275.28

Miscellaneous Income: $230.00

  • Family: $230.00

Passive Income: $69.25

  • Dividends: $25.65
    • ADM: $5.25
    • INTC: $3.22
    • MSEX: $3.03
    • ORI: $7.07
    • TGT: $2.50
    • UL: $3.38
    • Acorns: $1.20
  • Interest: $1.83
  • Digit Bonus: $2.64
  • Prosper: $5.98

Total: $2,721.67


My expenses were roughly the same as usual with bills & utilities as my largest section.

Auto: $286.46

  • Payment: $200.00
  • Gas: $96.03
  • Service: $71.21

Now that my folks have moved out of state, I’ve begun getting oil changes and the like on my own. Luckily, I had a friend recommend a place that does a 19-point check-up, oil changes, and free car washes with it.

Bills: $1,311.67

  • Standard: $154.81
  • Business: $42.36
  • Insurance: $96.78
  • Mortgage: $993.69

My bills and business costs increased this month. I am now on my own mobile plan rather than my folks’ due to coverage areas. One more step into adulthood. I also forgot to get a couple expenses covered at the company I worked at that just closed down. Gotta set those Siri reminders, folks!

Credit Cards: $973.74

  • Capital One: $5.34
  • Discover: $106.00

Just the standard payments here. Once my car is paid off, I’ll pursue paying off my Discover.

Health: $377.31

  • Dentist: $108.60
  • Doctor: $20.00
  • General: $64.18
  • Insurance: $37.20
  • Pharmacy: $60.00
  • Therapy: $180.00

A bit busier month here. I had my normal six month cleaning at the dentist and had my deductible to meet, which means that will be cheaper next time. General includes vitamins and the like.

Education: $110.17

  • Fees: $30.17
  • Parking: $80.00

That is right! I am adding this category as I will be going back to school in the fall! As it has been 3.5 years, I will be starting out small with a class that is three hours and meets once a week. I hope to increase the number of classes for the following semester, but want to get my bearings first. I will not have huge tuition costs as I do have an education trust.

The fees here are from the application process. The parking is from a conference I attended this month. The registration was paid by my fund, but due to a mix-up, the parking was not. Totally worth it either way.

Wish me luck with this upcoming semester! If any of you have gone back to school after a break, please let me know what did or didn’t work for you! I’d love the advice!

Expenses: $178.59

  • Groceries: $141.16
  • Home Goods: $6.60
  • Miscellaneous Fees: $30.83

More standard purchases here.

And onto the messy one…

Miscellaneous: $807.40

  • Alcohol: $31.04
  • Cigarettes: $7.59
  • Food: $210.66
  • Miscellaneous: $554.02
  • Presents: $4.09

I have personally run into some difficulties with my alcohol intake. I quit smoking for a time and my drinking (as a coping skill) skyrocketed. Here in July, I’m trying to curb the drinking by (1) dealing with the harder things in my life right now and (2) smoking again. I do want to quit smoking, but as it stands, alcohol costs more.

The miscellaneous costs include a large purchase of $350 for a computer from last company. It’s been a few years since I got one and couldn’t pass up the deal. I’m happy with this purchase so far. Other miscellaneous purchases include make-up and nail polish because maybe I can buy-out my depression with pretty things (I’m kidding…but not really).

Total: $3,256.49

I’m still working on getting back on track, but I’m aware of where my money is going, so that’s a good first step. I’ll be having a tough time emotionally for a while and I’m still trying to figure that out, so I have no guarantees on miscellaneous or health costs at this time, but I am taking the necessary steps to head toward a better life for myself.

Net Worth: $42,985.79

I anticipate I may hit the $50,000 mark this year! Though, to be fair, most of this is due to stocks, so I’m becoming more cashpoor, but the number is still going up. Again, it’s better to spend less than I earn, whether that be by spending less or earning more.


  • Auto Loan: $5,308.98, 60.68% paid off
  • Home Loan: $124,618.26, 0.01% paid off, 10.47% equity

My net worth increased by 14.08%. My PF score also went down again, all the way to 1.09. This means all my assets could cover just over a year of rolling 12 months lifestyle. Lastly, I had 13 no spend days which is about the same as last month.

How was your May?

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