May 2018 Recap

It’s been a while. I hope all of you are enjoying this summer. Things have closed down at my last job and I have moved to the next. The sid-business is still moving slowly but surely. I’ll keep you updated.

This month was very similar to previous months this year. I had $3,227.79 in expenses and $2,711.79 in income.


Per the usual, I had incom from a variety of sources. I didn’t have have any particularly different streams this month though I did receive a refund check from my walls-in condo insurance.

Work Income: $2,322.88

  • Mileage: $133.77
  • Paycheck: $2,189.11

Miscellaneous Income: $363.78

  • Family: $230.00
  • Refund: $72.00

Passive Income: $25.13

  • Dividends: $17.04
    • AAPL: $5.42
    • ATVI: $1.75
    • T: $9.57
    • Acorns: $0.30
  • Interest: $1.66
  • Prosper: $6.43

Total: $2,711.79


My expenses were roughly the same as usual with bills & utilities as my largest section.

Auto: $286.46

  • Payment: $200.00
  • Gas: $86.46

My hope is still to pay off my car and I anticipate that I will be able to accomplish this goal.

Bills: $1,207.29

  • Standard: $77.72
  • Business: $37.18
  • Insurance: $96.78
  • Mortgage: $995.61

Standard includes my internet and security system as well as Xcel. Which, an additional note in regards to Xcel, I have hooked up Xcel and Arcadia Power for my energy needs. This is not an affiliate link. I just think their service is really cool. All I had to do to start ensuring I was using some clean energy is link the accounts. In April, about half my energy usage came from renewable resources, and I didn’t have to do a thing! Take a look if you’re interested.

Credit Cards: $973.74

  • Capital One: $5.34
  • Discover: $108.00
  • Smile Generation: $860.40

A month back I paid for botox treatment in my jaw due to the daily pain I experience from TMJ. It had short-term success, so I paid it off as I could not get a refund, though I did get an additional treatment due to lack of results.

Health: $377.31

  • Doctor: $20.00
  • Insurance: $102.20
  • Pharmacy: $55.11
  • Therapy: $190.00

Pretty typical month for me though I did purchase an annual membership to Airmedcare Network. They provide an extra level of medical security for facilities, flights, and ambulances. They are not an insurance, but they do provide prepaid protection against the cost of being transported by one of their services. For $65 a year, I can appreciate the benefit of this policy.

Expenses: $87.49

  • Groceries: $43.13
  • Home Goods: $38.38
  • Miscellaneous Fees: $5.98

I bought a couple more things for my home and had Digit fees hit twice due to the way the month end cycle worked out.

Miscellaneous: $376.28

  • Alcohol: $5.38
  • Cigarettes: $22.87
  • Food: $138.82
  • Hobbies: $33.57
  • Miscellaneous: $131.54
  • Presents: $44.10

I’ll be completing June here soon, so you’ll see just how out of control my spending seems to be heading. This month wasn’t awful in comparison. I did buy some things for gardening as well as my hand lettering hobby. I also registered for a season of volleyball (starts next week!).

Total: $3,308.57

I’m still working on getting back on track, but I’m aware of where my money is going, so that’s a good first step..

Net Worth: $34,062.25


  • Auto Loan: $5,495.03, 59.30% paid off
  • Home Loan: $124,807, 0.01% paid off, 5.2% equity

My net worth increased by 12.42%, which is AWESOME! I had an even lower personal finance score at 1.30 this month. Lastly, I had 14 no spend days which is up from last month.

How was your May?

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