April 2018 Recap

Hey everyone. Life doesn’t stop for anyone. The business my cohorts and I started is still in the process of being set up. In terms of back-up plans, I do have a job lined up for when my current job finishes at the end of June.

April was my first positive month for the year. This came from receiving my state and federal tax refunds. I was hoping to throw that money at my car loan, but have chosen to save most of my funds for a safety net during this transition time with work. Overall for the month, I had $3,785.72 in expenses and $4419.25 in income.


I had a significant increase with income this month due to my tax refunds, which were a decent amount. Last year I owed, so I appreciate the influx (though I think I just did my taxes wrong last year). Additionally, my auto loan finally corrected their mistake with my insurance, so they refunded me the additional insurance they had put on the loan.

Work Income: $2,281.46

  • Mileage: $182.45
  • Paycheck: $2,099.01

Miscellaneous Income: $1,717.00

  • Family: $230.00
  • Refund: $392.00
  • CO Tax Refund: $358.00
  • US Tax Refund: $1,129.00

Passive Income: $28.79

  • Dividends: $21.02
    • KO: $7.02
    • SRC: $2.71
    • UHT: $4.43
    • VER: $4.04
    • Acorns: $2.82
  • Interest: $1.66
  • Prosper: $6.11

Total: $4,419.25


My expenses were hire than usual as my parents cashed five of their insurance checks from me this month. Once June has passed and they’ve cashed what’s left of the checks I’ve given them, I will set up a direct deposit, which I frankly should have done from the get-go.

Auto: $423.86

  • Payment: $200.00
  • Insurance: $171.00
  • Gas: $52.86

My hope is still to pay off my car this year though that will take additional fortitude to be honest. I currently owe $6,500.

Bills: $1,215.40

  • Standard: $68.69
  • Business: $54.32
  • Insurance: $96.78
  • Mortgage: $995.61

Standard includes my internet and security system as well as Xcel. Which, an additional note in regards to Xcel, I have hooked up Xcel and Arcadia Power for my energy needs. This is not an affiliate link. I just think their service is really cool. All I had to do to start ensuring I was using some clean energy is link the accounts. In April, about half my energy usage came from renewable resources, and I didn’t have to do a thing! Take a look if you’re interested.

Credit Cards: $447.34

  • Capital One: $5.34
  • Discover: $442

I received a health insurance payback at the end of March, which I applied this month. I finally am down to about $2,500 left to pay off with my Discover card.

Health: $509.49

  • General: $10.00
  • Insurance: $199.20
  • Pharmacy: $160.29
  • Therapy: $140.00

My therapy costs will be cheaper starting next month as I will finish up with the group therapy I’ve been going to. Pharmacy was higher than normal because I purchased my vitamins during Sprouts’ Vitamin Extravaganza.

Expenses: $281.24

  • Groceries: $111.07
  • Personal Care: $7.54
  • Miscellaneous: $162.63

This was significantly higher than last month, $152.00 coming from my auto loan company adding insurance to my car. I also purchased more groceries this month than last. I did have fees applied to my 401(k) totaling $10.63 as well.

Miscellaneous: $190.39

  • Alcohol: $27.98
  • Cigarettes: $22.63
  • Food: $81.57
  • Miscellaneous: $21.03
  • Presents: $37.18

This section was higher this month due to alcohol and presents specifically. I actually spent less on going out to eat! Personally, things were rough for me and I use alcohol and cigarettes as a crutch. I decided against quitting smoking for now until I get to a more stable place.

Total: $1,351.53

Overall, I’m happy with how this month went financially considering my dentistry hiccup last month.

Net Worth: $33,518.83


  • Auto Loan: $5,682, 57.92% paid off
  • Home Loan: $124,807, 0.01% paid off, 5.2% equity

My net worth increased by 11.64%, which is AWESOME! I had a slightly lower personal finance score at 1.44 this month. Lastly, I had 18 no spend days which is up from last month.

How was your April?

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