2016 Recap

Long time, no talk! Not to throw clichés at you or anything. Life gets busy and projects move to the wayside, but I’m feeling motivated and blogs are something I generally enjoy, so long as I don’t put too much pressure on myself. Which I haven’t been. Each month, I update my net worth, portfolio, and passive income and continue on my merry way. It’s been a nice system, but I’m moving forward

Things are looking up and I am incredibly hopeful for 2017. 2016 was nice, but I won’t miss it too badly. I had three jobs last year, making roughly, but not quite $20,000. I switched friend groups, becoming entrenched with people who are substantially more supportive and goals. I haven’t had actual ambition in years, which I now have, IT’S SO NICE! 2016 was nice, but it’s time to recap and move on.

In terms of living Intentionally, I feel I did an okay job. I actively moved toward recovery in my mental illness and worked hard on addressing my problems. I’ve also become substantially more empathetic, opening my life up to some really cool opportunities. Money-wise, I could have improved on that, but, honestly, my recovery has been my biggest focus for the past year. I’ll be writing on my new word, but I think it’ll be better than Intentional. That one was just too murky for me.

Financially speaking, I did not get to a portfolio value of $17,500, landing somewhere around $13,000. I received $147.18 in individual stock dividends, just shy of my $150 goal. I did, however, reach just over my $250 passive income goal at $250.65. I only had my raise for a couple of months as I was fired in March, so I didn’t check to see how much I saved, honestly. I also know I didn’t save 70% of my income. 100% know that. It was probably closer to half or maybe a third. Things can get complicated when you see an out-of-network therapist. Things are also complicated in regards to my car debt. According to Mint, my car was worth less than my loan, but when I refinanced my car back in August, they said it was worth substantially more. Pick your favorite. My net worth does reflect as if my car is worth what Mint says.

Personally, I accomplished all my goals! I lived as Intentionally as I could, consistently exercised (at one point for six to seven hours a week!), completed my Will and got it notarized, got my passport, and routinely decluttered. I had planned on committing to the Marie Kondo style, but I honestly do not care enough. I am always sorting through and getting rid of things because I don’t want to develop a hoarding issue like several other family members.

I updated my goals list to reflect both the below and my new goals for 2017. I feel that this year is going to be even more transformative than the last. I’m excited to see what happens. Whatever comes my way, I know I can handle it.

How do you feel about 2016? 2017?


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