Oatmeal and Salads

I know. Oatmeal. What can really be so exciting about oatmeal that it’s worth writing about? Well, a while back, I noticed I was constantly irritable at work (for a multitude of reasons). I would go on break, eat a bit of my lunch and come back, regularly irritable or tired, making my job more difficult.

So, I made the intentional decision to reevaluate my eating habits. Most mornings, I would just eat cereal or, if I had enough energy and time, made eggs and toast. Then, I would pack crackers, sandwiches, and some other form of snack as my lunch for the day. Followed by whatever my parents prepared for dinner.

I brought this up to my therapist and she suggested that I check the amount of sugar I was eating, not the sugar through fruits, but the “sneaky sugar.” The sugar found in snack foods and even white bread. What I found, was that I was ingesting quite a bit of both carbs and sugar, the two things with the worst reputation in the food world. So, I changed my diet.

Now, almost every day, I eat oatmeal for breakfast and salad for lunch, leaving dinner up to my parents. The idea isn’t necessarily to be restrictive (believe me, I’ve done that before), but to grow awareness around what I’m taking in and to be very intentional in preparation.

Since I started this, my energy and general attitude at work has substantially improved. I’m getting along with all my coworkers and the majority of customers. Now that I’ve identified at least some of the issue, I’ve started to branch out, I’ve learned some breakfast alternatives, such as avocado toast and quiches, and have made some basic changes to my salads based on mood.

What are some of your favorite meals?


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