Recent Buy: ADM

I was updating my portfolio when I noticed something: I had more than $400 in my account. I know for many people on their financial journey, that may not seem like a lot, but when you make ten dollars an hour with bills to pay, that’s quite a bit.

I invest what I can, when I can. Sometimes it’s all I can do to invest $10 in a company, like my current schedule with Target (TGT) through my Loyal3 account. So, when I have a chunk of change, I like to invest it all, so that I can really build my portfolio and pay fewer fees because even $4.95 with TradeKing adds up.

I decided, genuinely for no other reason than because I wanted to, to invest these funds in a stock I already have. I’ve only invested in 16 companies and due to my financial situation, have only been able to dedicate a little to each.

On October 3rd, I bought 10 more shares Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) for $41.95 a share, plus the $4.95 commission, spending a total of $424.45. I still see them as a firm company and was able to invest for less than my last buy, making my portfolio a little bit stronger.

What have you purchased recently?

4 thoughts on “Recent Buy: ADM

    • Yeah, I’m excited to be building positions. I know it potentially can open me up to risk, but as it currently stands, the majority of my positions are frankly too small to be much of a risk. I can see why AZZ would be a good buy right now, a lot of involvement in good industries.

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