NAMI National Convention 2016

I attended the National Alliance for Mental Illness‘s national convention this week (so no roundup from me, kind of). It was hosted in downtown Denver this year with many presentations and exhibits spread across four days. I will admit that I did not attend today as there were not many things going on that interested me and it can be expensive to exist in that area for so many days.

A few months back, a friend from my support group mentioned it and said that if any of us were able to go, we should check it out. I found out I could go for free if I volunteered for a couple shifts, so that’s exactly what I did. I took the time off work this week and spent the time perusing with my friends who were also attending. Considering my current mindset and how I was yesterday, I probably should’ve taken advantage of their Welcome Center where they had trained specialists to help attendees cope with anything they may experience. It’s alright though because the experience gave me some steps to take to get where I want to go: stability.

For anyone unable or who didn’t know about the convention happening, here is a link to all the presentations they were able to upload to the national website.

My top two presentations would be the post-traumatic stress disorder research update and “The Mental Health Impact of Violent Tragedies,” which doesn’t have a powerpoint, but the presentation went through the impact of such events on first responders, which is a viewpoint I haven’t heard anything about before. I liked the PTSD update because the presenter discussed the “freeze response” one might have in a crisis, which is how I responded in a couple of my traumas, and I’ve never heard about that before either!

Lastly, a few cool exhibitors you might want to check out:

Outside of NAMI convention things, I will have June’s update up sometime this week and have a wedding this weekend to attend.

What do you find most useful?


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