Reading Roundup

I think I am in a bit of a downswing caused by stress and therapy. The funny thing about therapy, especially for post-traumatic stress, is that it can bring things to the forefront. I’ve always had a lot of ruminating thoughts, but they’ve been downright awful to try to handle lately and with the holiday, my worrywart self is off the charts.

Erin shared a bit of her childhood, from back when she used to attend camp. I agree that many of us adults (because I am often mistaken for being older than I am) need to regain some of the magic from childhood. I try to do this through cooking (which I haven’t been doing lately) and “adventuring.”

Jordann talked about her credit card debt. I follow a very similar pattern, extremely similar. I think I might be able to try her strategy once I get my general spending down. I’ve been doing alright with my new limitations, but I think I may need to change it from an excursions amount to dollar amount.

Sam introduced the Financial Samurai Spending Ratio, which states for every dollar spent on unnecessary expenditures, two dollars must be spent to beneficial. I think I may already follow this ratio, but I need to crunch some numbers first.

How have you been lately?


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