Reading Roundup

Hey, everyone! I’ve done pretty well with the limits I placed on myself in my No Spend Days article. I did have to edit them a little bit, as I found it kind of unrealistic. My two excursions a week have been changed to two excursions a week that cost money (as I went on three Wednesday alone) and necessities (like deodorant, conditioner, and body wash) are excluded from the ‘me’ purchases.

I did manage to be social with friends by utilizing free passes and hanging out at their houses this week. I think two may still be a little small, so maybe doing a dollar limit would be better, but we’ll see. The thing about money and lifestyle is that it’s all a balancing act between planning for the future and living presently. Anyway, here’s some great articles:

Lily wrote a fantastic article on ‘steering into pain‘. It can be hard to handle painful subjects, and I specifically struggle with being empathetic. I wasn’t raised very well in the emotional regulation area and so spend a lot of time trying to learn how to get people nowadays.

Harris discussed the disconnect between being who you want to be and being ‘just you’. This is something I struggle with frequently (I believe we all do). Almost none of us are living quite the way we want to be, which is why living presently is so important. I may be pretty happy now with the social life I’m living, the way work is progressing, and how I spend my free time, but I’m still dissatisfied because I feel I should be doing better (making more, living on my own, being a better friend, etc).

Priya described love and heartbreak in a beautiful way. I’ve also started following Matt Vercillo.

Melani shared three unexpected benefits of decluttering. I’m constantly going through my things and culling the heard, though I’m starting to think I should maybe calm down a bit. I get very agitated living with my parents because they don’t prescribe to the same way of life. I cleared out the cupboard in the kitchen because we could barely take a pot out without all its brethren chasing after their kidnapped fellow. I also don’t understand themed kitchen pans. Really. I had to leave it all in a trash bag in the basement (our largest storage room at this point). At least the kitchen (my home within a home) feels a bit more breathable.

Leo taught readers the best trick to create a habit. I definitely plan on working on this. On March 22nd, I saw an ex-boyfriend at the gym. At the time, I had been going two to three times a week, but when I saw him there, that all stopped. I’ve gone once a month since then. The story I created was that something bad would happen if I continued going. That isn’t true. My new story is that I will be stronger physically and mentally for facing my fears by going to the gym more regularly.

Maggie listed decisions to make before drafting a will. This is incredibly important as one of my goals for the year was to make my will. I’ve created my preliminary draft, I still need to gather account numbers/accesses and get them signed, but this is a genuinely helpful article.

Finally, Maggie also shared Des‘ way of funding a Roth IRA without a side hustle. This is soooo nice because I don’t have one. I have this blog because its an important hobby to me that also holds me accountable.

What motivated you this week?


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