Fresh Stir Fry

I know not including pictures is an awful habit when it comes to posts about cooking, but I was in a rush on Friday. I had a concert starting at 7:30 pm and hadn’t made dinner, yet. My parents were taking their sweet time making a decision, so I got up and made food. I didn’t have the time for indecisiveness if I wanted to make it in time with real food in my stomach (namely not cereal).

So, my adventure in stir fry started at 6:07 pm on Friday night. My stirfry included these elements: rice, green peppers, potatoes, italian sausage (my dad’s addition), and sunny-side eggs.

  1. I made rice from a 5-minutes rice box. Two cups of rice with two cups of water, set to boil and then covered and taken off heat to soften.
  2. Next, I diced two large green peppers and mixed them on a skillet with olive oil on medium heat.
  3. I decided green peppers, rice, and egg weren’t enough of a meal, so I took out a couple of red potatoes we had lying around. If we don’t use them quickly, we never use them. I cut them into small chunks and them and water to the skillet, covering it.

I ended up adding water and mixing it several times, nervous about the hard potatoes. It took roughly fifty minutes for the entire meal to finish.

4. Finally, I made two sunny side eggs and cut them over my plate of rice, potatoes, and green peppers. The ingredients were still so hot that it cooked the yolks. Nice. I didn’t have sausage as I couldn’t wait for them to finish. I was running late!

I ate the leftovers for breakfast the next day with fresh eggs and the rest of the Italian sausage my parents hadn’t eaten when I left. The potatoes were softer because of the fridge and rice and so it was even better than the previous night!

What are some of your favorite impromptu meals?


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