Reading Roundup

Happy Father’s Day to all who celebrate it! My dad really appreciated the card I got. It had a dinosaur that said “I love you this much” with its arms as stretched out as possible. The envelope (which I took from a different section without any cards) had a fill-in-the-blank on the outside that said, “I think you’re the ____”. I put “coolest” because he had asked for a lunchbox cooler for work. He appreciated the pun.

Now onto the roundup!

Seth shared this post on raising the average. I really liked this because it reminded me of how much the people around us impact our personalities. I know that I’ve allowed myself to slack off a bit more at work because they allow people to be late and just not do their jobs. I’ve been working on it. On the flip side, since attending my support group, I’ve started to really prioritize my mental health, which has helped me immensely.

Emily discussed how to love life as it is now. I struggle with slowing down; in fact, it’s one of the biggest reasons I was fired in March. I’m still struggling with it. I’ve placed a limit for work where I will not allow my position to change (unless forced-moved by management to another department, store, or fired) until I’ve been there for at least six months. Yet, I’ve sped up in other aspects of my life, trying to stay busy constantly, whether its cooking, cleaning, working, being with friends. Any thoughts on other ways I can slow down? I don’t handle free time without people well.

Melissa portrayed being late to the party perfectly. The anxiety and stress were palpable in the narrative. Remembering that it isn’t just you is so necessary to life. Whether it’s a bad day, money mistakes, etc, you aren’t struggling alone. We all have those moments.

Therese took an analytical approach to regret, explaining a couple different scenarios on how long it takes us to move on from disappointing ourselves.

Our Next Life also posted about regret and living life now as a response to the Orlando Massacre. I, myself, went through a near-death experience and it completely changed me. Since then, I take more risks and understand that nothing is truly the end of the world for me unless I am actually dead. A job loss, while heartbreaking, isn’t the end. The end of important friendships and relationships aren’t the end. We’re still here. We have a gift in each day and need to be happy with the choices we’re making.

What inspired you this week?


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