Reading Roundup

Alright, I know this is a bit late (though I did post my May Budget this week!), but I woke up and made an amazing strawberry chocolate chip pancake set and felt like playing video games today, so I took advantage of the mood. I used to love playing video games, but haven’t been enjoying it lately. It was fantastic. So, with a bit of Fallout 4, a mountain of strawberries and chocolate chips, and 8.75 hours of work in my blood (and a couple cups of coffee-haven’t enjoyed that lately, either!) I’m posting the roundup.

I have a few bonus articles and one helpful tool this week, so stay tuned!

Seth shared a very simple, yet profound tip. Harder isn’t always possible, but better can almost always be achieved.

Alyssa introduced an interesting idea. I don’t know if there is anyone in my life I trust enough to try it with. I’m also huge on instant gratification. Maybe doing it on a smaller scale, like weekly or for fewer months would be cool.

Crissy at The Financial Diet talked about why ‘…living life¬†without regrets is a stupid motto.’ It really is, and I identified particularly well with numbers 10 and 15. I absolutely love being on my father’s health insurance. In fact, I don’t think I would be able to manage my disorder as well without it.

Erin (one of my favorite bloggers lately) gave readers a bit of wisdom from her daughter. This one can be hard to follow sometimes, but really is in our best interest.

Deidra advised readers on how to break out of their ruts. I’ve been feeling kind of stagnant lately and think I might pay attention to this a bit more.

Now, a few posts from Medium:

Harris talked about moving on in life and how we grow through our spaces. I remember how I’ve changed over just the last few years since graduating high school. I moved into a dorm for ten months of that and the person I am now is very different compared to the person who graduated.

Alex explained his experience on practicing Ramadan. I found this an extremely interesting idea. I’ve thought about it myself, but have never had the commitment to do it.

Lastly, Sarah proposed we all take ourselves a bit more seriously. I know that I often let my doubts take over and drop the ball, but doing this can really hurt one’s self-esteem. Take her advice, you’ll thank yourself later.

Finally, the grand finale! L Bee introduced her audience to this really cool system called Wela. It reminds me greatly of Mint, but has a couple features they don’t! I’m thinking of switching to it, but for now I’ve opened an account. Let’s see how it goes!

How did your week go?


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