May Budget

As I have mentioned before, I don’t really outline what I am going to spend for the month and mostly go with autopayments and how things “feel”. As someone with Bipolar disorder, this doesn’t always work so well.


It looks like I made more than I actually did this month because I had a couple returns to Target and my dad reimbursed me for some concert tickets I had paid for that he bailed on. I also haven’t received my Colorado refund yet, but should in June. They accepted my return after I sent them all the paperwork. The paycheck was lower because of a sick day I had to take and some time off for the concert.

The income was distributed:

  • Paycheck: $1,336.35
  • Dividends: $8.00
  • Interest: $0.83
  • Prosper: $7.64
  • Returns: $29.56

I received dividends from:

  • Apple (AAPL): $4.08
  • Activision (ATVI): $1.32
  • AT&T (T): $2.60


My total expenses for the month ran: ($1,915.92), which is $628.81 more than last month.

Overall, I spent 26% more than I made this month and that doesn’t include the skipped car payment. Whoops.

I’m not really sure how I managed to skip the car payment as I thought I had it set up on autopay, but I apparently cancelled that back at the beginning of April. I don’t remember doing it and can only think of idiotic reasons as to why I would have, but, alas, I still missed the payment and had to pay a wonderful $30 late fee. The actual car payment was made in June, along with June’s payment. Safe to say, autopay is now reset.

Outside of the late charge, I paid $57 for insurance and roughly $70 for gas. Had I made my car payment for the month, I would have spent 52% more than I made this month. Rough. Not only that, but my car is definitely going to drop below the $10,000 value mark. June is going to suck.

Outside of my car insurance, I moved all insurances to the bills category. It just makes more sense. I also want to know how much I am spending on insurance. I still might move the car insurance to the category, but I’ll look at that for next month. My dad cashed April and May medical and dental insurance checks, totaling $162.09. The clerk at the bank must have read the check wrong and gave him an extra nine cents. It’s nine cents that’s going to my dad, so I’m not going to flip biscuits over it. My cancer and life insurances paid themselves for almost $80.

Besides the insurances, my grandparents cashed two of their payments. Thankfully June will be the last payment to them, so they won’t be able to do that anymore. YAY! I also had $100.15 in credit card payments. That’ll change in June.

Financial had a total of ($215.49) split between savings ($105.12) and investments ($110.37). Savings included ($25) in an account I can’t touch, Digit ($10.37), and my main savings account ($75). Investments included my Roth ($100), and Acorns ($5.12).

Health totaled at ($239.99) which will only go up over the next couple months as I attend weekly therapy sessions and pay for my new pricey prescription. However, I only spent ($140) on therapy and ($10) on prescriptions this month with ($20) on a doctor’s visit and ($69.99) on personal care, my gym and Massage Envy memberships.

Finally, to controllable expenses. This is another area I majorly messed up this month. The total amount I spent was ($651.25). This includes the ($133.95) for the concert, ($45) on the circus with my cousin, and ($87.11) on food. The rest includes ($17) on music, movies, nails, books, a haircut, so much Target, and just all around poor life choices. None of it was necessary, but I do like to spend time with my cousin.

Total Picture

I had a total of 17 no spend days and a PF score of .64. My net worth still managed to go up 6.5%, which means my stocks did decently. I know June is going to look incredibly different. The next few months will be bumpy, but we’ve got this.

What did you May look like?


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