Reading Roundup

Hey there, everyone! I’m working on my May budget right now, so that should be up in a couple days. I’m just missing a couple statements that I should get within the next day or two.

Typewolf had Losing Sight as one of their sites of the day. It’s really cool. I think it is definitely worth the long scroll.

Fast Company featured a Google employee who redesigned his workweek, creating a program that more than 400 companies have participated in!

Erin taught readers how to sew their own dress, just kidding! Sometimes things don’t feel right, like the skin your in isn’t actually yours. She spoke about tailoring your life to fit you as a person.

Leo talked about stress and how it isn’t really real. This reminds me of when I am cashiering during a particularly brutal rush. There really isn’t any reason to stress about the rushes at my job because we’re always in a rush. Each customer deserves our full attention and they waited just like everyone else. Other people at work worry about it too much. We’re all just people trying our best, but there are more important things than succumbing to the rush.

Our Next Life wrote about forcing creativity. This reminded me of this post by Amanda. There’s nothing natural, I feel, about forcing it. Next thing you know, you feel like your dress doesn’t fit!

How have you been feeling lately?

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