Reading Roundup

Hey, gang! I hope your weeks went well. I spent mine working, going to an impromptu (for me) concert, seeing a couple therapists, and all around staying busy.

Most of the posts came from Medium, but I do have a great personal finance post from Broke Millennial.

Erin outlined things she learned by the age of 27. Some were really insightful and others I could really relate to.

Seth created a fantastic metaphoric post about the ground shifting. His blog is really tight, he posts daily and they’re all really great treats.

Zee Chang on Medium shared a great post about a complex she has. I have something kind of similar and I might mention it to my therapist, but it isn’t something super detrimental to my life, so I might wait until we’ve hashed out some other things.

TC on Medium expressed anxiety and depression to a T.

Priya on Medium described her journey with learning to let go. I think this is something we all struggle with.

What did you do this week?


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