Reading Roundup

I feel like a lot of posts this week relate to my weekend. I will admit that I didn’t check any personal finance blogs. To be honest, I’ve been feeling like I’m going a different direction and that’s okay. Something I read on 1500 Days was the best advice he ever got, was to write for himself, and that’s what I’ve started doing with this blog. And I’m writing again, so it must be the right decision, at least for now.

Seth talked about “Striking a Chord.” This resonated, and I feel more inspired now.

Erin had two articles I really liked: a quote about listening to what is truly important and how to choose.

Thomas shared his 2am Recipe. I think I might start cooking some more. I baked a torte on Friday for some friends who had bought me dinner.

And I know I already shared this last week, but I want to emphasize Leo’s article again. Hard times are, by definition, hard to handle. I really needed to read his article today.

Finally, here’s a video my friend shared with me the other day. I thought it prudent.

Have a good week, everyone.

How are you doing?


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