Reading Roundup

Hey there! I told you there would be a roundup and look at this! I will admit that I need to pare down my reading list because I currently have 45 blogs in my bookmarks. It’s simply too much to read, but I feel as if I must check every site before I can post this so that I provide what I believe to be the five (or seven) articles with the best value. Any thoughts?

Three posts this week are from Medium, a real powerhouse for thoughts. I’ve enjoyed reading articles from them ever since I posted this roundup.

Varun discussed the aftermath of reporting a student for marijuana. With all the things I dealt with in high school and seeing how schools typically handle infractions, I completely understand the regret he feels. Kids are kids who make mistakes and sometimes an empathetic approach is needed, which is what guidance counselors and school psychologists are for. Throwing them into the court system isn’t a good way of handling the issue.

David shared an extremely personal story of grief. Extremely touching and some real food for thought.

Jon Krakauer, the author of Into the Wild, revealed his findings on Chris McCandless’s death. Extremely interesting to me and well worth the read, I am impressed by the thoroughness Krakauer gave the matter. I was a huge fan of the novel and was always interested in what really happened.

Leo educated readers on how to handle hard times. A couple weeks ago I went to a party and, well, I don’t remember much of what happened, but I am most definitely not over my last serious relationship or my job loss, so this article was extremely timely.

Bridget reminded everyone that the future is not guaranteed, nothing stays the same and everything changes, so unconventional methods can be useful in planning.

What did you learn this week?


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