April Budget

I’m sorry for disappearing. I had some medication issues that put me in a bad place, but I am switching the problem one tomorrow, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m currently feeling extremely hopeful (and productive-I’ve done a lot today!). I hope to get my posts on a regular schedule again, at the very least the roundups. It’s healthy to read and I haven’t really been doing that. I didn’t even know Ted Cruz had dropped out of the presidential race! #Clueless

This month was pretty steady with not a whole lot going on. I mean, all together, I only had 33 transactions in my checking account including all deposits and withdrawals among my twenty something accounts. I put a lot of things on pause when I got fired. I’ll be amping things up slowly as I get used to my new level of income, but I have added a Health section to it as I expect those costs to rise starting in May.


I made more than I expected this month-$1695.89-because I received some money from unemployment that I forgot I had asked for. I actually had to ask my bank what the deposit was because I couldn’t identify it by the line item in my account! There were also five Fridays, which means I got paid five times! I’m still waiting on my state tax refund, which I should get sometime in May (they asked me to send them documents) and that’ll be a nice $300 chunk of change I’ll probably throw into savings thanks to Investment Hunting’s recommendation.

The income was distributed:

  • Paycheck: $1,488.59
  • Unemployment: $191.00
  • Dividends: $8.40
  • Prosper: $6.98
  • Interest: $0.92

I received dividends from:

Yes, I still own Vereit, which used to be known as American Realty Capital Properties (ARCP), also known as one REIT that used to have a monthly dividend that committed serious tax fraud. I have confidence in their new team to turn things around.


My total expenses for the month ran: ($1287.11).

  • Bills: ($162.35)
  • Car: ($459.22)
  • Controllable: ($117.72)
  • Financial: ($353.79)
  • Health ($194.03)

Bills are divided between my credit card payments, cancer insurance that I used to pay through my paycheck, and personal loan payments, which my grandparents never paid themselves this month. Credit cards were still low since I paid the majority off. I did pay the minimum on my CapitalOne as it is still in the 0% APR introductory period.

Even with the pay cut, I’m still putting an extra $100 a month toward my car as one of my goals is to make my car worth more than the loan and keep it there. My federal tax refund helped a lot last month. The current value is sitting at $10,268 while the loan is $10,695 at this point. I do plan on putting an extra $100 a month toward it. I also paid two months of insurance since it didn’t draw last month. My dad pays the insurance and I pay him a portion. It’s the same setup I have on my personal loan with my grandparents. I filled my tank once this month for $35.

Controllable expenses include $39 in food (down again from last month!), personal care items ($14.51), Target ($59), and entertainment ($4.75). I went and saw 10 Cloverfield Lane, which was not quite what I was expecting.

Financials was split between Acorns ($6.09), Roth ($100), whole life insurance ($47.70), and savings ($100). I had Digit paused this month and didn’t send any money to Ally as I wasn’t sure what things would look like and I want to get my immediate savings back up to par first-which was $75 of the savings. I have a separate savings account housed with my Roth that I can’t touch without asking an adviser for access with roughly $750 in it. Having the adviser helps keep me from spending it.

As I mentioned, I added a Health section this month. I expect to house prescriptions and supplements, MassageEnvy, Planet Fitness, doctors and therapy appointments, and any tests that need to be run. I paid ($80.50) for prescriptions and supplements, ($20) in copays, ($59.99) and ($10) for MassageEnvy and Planet Fitness respectively, and ($23.54) for routine tests run from a March doctor’s visit. I might move ME and PF back to bills, but I haven’t decided yet.

Total Picture

I had 20 no spend days (again!) and a personal finance score of .63 (highest ever!) which means my assets could cover almost two-thirds of a year of my previous twelve months spending. My net worth went up a whopping 10 percent and I managed to stay above my $10,000 threshold! All this despite my pay cut, though I do recognize a big portion of it is cancelling most of my financial transfers and actively saving a measly 21%, though if anyone was counting, I also cushioned (AKA didn’t spend) 24%, which is almost like saving 45%. Almost.

Overall, I’m still feeling pretty optimistic and if I hold onto this job, things will continue to improve.

What did your April look like?


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