Reading Roundup

Hey there. I know I’ve been a bit MIA since I got my new job, but things seem to be looking up. I spent this week in a bit of a low, but feel much better now. I’ll post sometime this week. In other news, Ally plans on acquiring TradeKing. I am currently a client of both, so I’m interested in seeing how this changes things (because let’s face it, there’s no way there’ll be no changes). I also found this nifty 401(k) fee checker, but haven’t looked into it too much.

Srinivas shared 38 life lessons. These were really cool and extremely insightful. I liked 2, 25, and 30 the most. I was hoping my word would work well, but I’m not sure it is. Additionally, I think I may get a passport as a plan of action for 2.

Susan introduced readers to Rabbi David Wolpe and his stance on solitude.

Erin explained the importance of taking risks. This reminds me that life needs to be changed up occasionally if you ever want to accomplish something great. It can also tie into several of the 38 life lessons.

Sam outlined the practical process of preparing for death. I know, sounds horrible, but it is necessary, and I’ve been putting off making a will for – I think – more than six months now (I already bought the package).

Jordann told readers how she used the KonMari method to get rid of 35% of her clothing. This takes me back to my staycation, and how I had planned on completing a decluttering. I would still like to do so at some point.

Well, this roundup has prompted me to update my goals to include the decluttering challenge, getting a passport, and completing my will.

What has prompted you to change your life lately?


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