Reading Roundup

Hey there. I hope all of you had a good week. Myself? I am not in the best mindset and have had too many life changes happen at once to really know why I’m here. I do know it’s just a funk, but I am also taking steps to address it. My routine went reasonably well this week, but I’m changing my posting to once a week, and if I do more, it’ll be a bonus. My wake-up and sleep times are plus or minus a half hour, as I got home from work this past Friday at 11:45 pm. I did make it to the gym on Wednesday.

Please note, this week’s roundup is more in tune with my current mindset.

Fervent Finance shared their latest dream. I enjoyed this article and how human it seemed. It’s nice to occasionally take a break from all the numbers I read in personal finance articles.

Olivia told readers her definition of success. As a fellow college dropout, with no real intention on returning, it was nice validation, especially with all the change I’ve experienced lately.

Penny wrote the second part to her awkward post. I appreciate these posts as I’m known for being awkward and seeing someone I look up to suffering the same kinds of moments, it gives me some solidarity.

Joshua explained how accessibility can change our lives dramatically. I do know that I’ve been resisting some serious food impulses at work. Yay for working at a grocery store and trying to be healthy! (At least it’s a “healthy” grocery store-you wouldn’t believe what I’ve seen people spend a premium on, though…)

Adam posted about bad listening skills. I know I commit several of these. I can talk for days with people I’m super close to and it almost feels like it kills friendships. Reading these kinds of posts can definitely keep me on track for my goal.

Bonus Articles:

Please note these are on the more serious emotional side.

Erin informed readers that emotions are most intense in the first 90 seconds. I know my bipolar support group has been advocating lately for being present. This adds weight to it.

Gloria shared a powerful event from her childhood.

What did you focus on this week?


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