March Budget

Just as I predicted last month, things looked quite different this go around. However, despite losing my job, the steps I took ensured that my net worth didn’t take a huge dive.

I said it last time, but I really do need to look at consolidating my accounts. I have too many and I think I even prefer some to others, but I haven’t decided and the setup I have has worked for the past two years. All I’ve added in the past two months are my Acorns and Digit accounts.


Income was down significantly with losing my job, this’ll pick back up with my new job. I did receive more dividends though less interest. I also received my federal tax refund! My state one is still in the works. The total amount I received was $1,505.25.

The income was distributed:

  • Paycheck: $367.75
  • Tax Refund: $1,012.00
  • Dividends: $16.94
  • Prosper: $7.65
  • Interest: $0.91

I received dividends from:

  • Intel (INTC): $2.61
  • Middlesex Water Company (MSEX): $0.82
  • Old Republic International (ORI): $5.96
  • Target (TGT): $1.38
  • Unilever (UL): $2.20
  • Universal Health Trust (UHT): $3.97

Next year I’ll receive additional income from Questar Corp.


My total expenses for the month ran: ($3,479.32).

  • Bills: ($564.97)
  • Car: ($1,535.52)
  • Controllable: ($505.02)
  • Donations: ($25.00)
  • Financial: ($848.81)
  • Miscellaneous ($74.98)

Bills are divided between my MassageEnvy membership, credit card payments, my gym membership, and personal loan payments. I had two loan payments hit this month as one didn’t last month. I now owe $607.50, which means that will be paid off in three months! Credit cards were low since I paid the majority off. I did pay the minimum on my CapitalOne as it is still in the 0% APR introductory period.

My car amount looks obscene in comparison to previous months because I put my federal tax refund toward it. The current value is sitting at roughly $500 less than the loan amount, which is $10,997 at this point. I do plan on putting an extra $100 a month toward it. I also paid two months of insurance since it didn’t draw last month. My dad pays the insurance and I pay him a portion. It’s the same setup I have on my personal loan with my grandparents. I filled my tank twice this month for a total of sixty dollars.

Controllable expenses include $62 in food (down from last month), tips to MassageEnvy, and entertainment. I went to the casino with my grandfather this past Wednesday and lost $150, but that’s okay. When you go up, you should expect to lose every penny. He did get me a wrap comped at their spa. If you live in or visit Colorado, check out the Ara Spa in the Ameristar Black Hawk Casino. I fully recommend it.

I donated $25 to Mental Health America, but have since cancelled my donation since I don’t know quite what I’ll be making from now on. I will reinstate it once I’m settled.

Financials was split between Acorns ($16.73), Digit ($26.05), Loyal3 ($100), Roth (458.33), whole life insurance ($47.70), and savings ($100). I had to pull money out of my immediate and Ally savings this month.

I had a miscellaneous section due to a doctor’s appointment and paying my taxes.

Total Picture

I was in the negative $2,049.05 this month. Things will quiet down a bit with the new job and I’ll get into a routine. Car expenses will include the typical, just an extra $100 toward principle. I will have health expenses and might add a category, but I might put that off until after my personal loan is paid off. I’ve put a stop on almost all my financial transfers. I will continue putting $100 a month in my Roth, saving some to beef my emergency fund back up, keeping my whole life insurance, and the like. I will need to take on the full cost of my Colonial cancer insurance and ID Watchdog identity theft protection. These were voluntary benefits I had through my old employer.

I had 20 no spend days and a personal finance score of .54, which means my assets could cover roughly half a year of my previous twelve months spending. My net worth went down less than one percent and I managed to stay above my $10,000 threshold! All this despite my turbulent month. Overall, I feel pretty optimistic.

What did your March look like?


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