Reading Roundup

I hope you all had a great holiday! Work has started off well; in fact, I’m absolutely loving it, but then again, it is the honeymoon phase. Outside of that, I haven’t been able to do much else. I am happy to have found something that gives me so many hours right off the bat, though! Anyway, here’s the roundup:

Penny had quite an interesting situation pop up. What advice would you give her?

Cait urged readers to make a move. What do you do once inspired? I always find myself texting or saving articles I’ll never post about.

Broke Millennial addressed a constant debate from the blogosphere. I personally have a lot of trouble with this as well. I try not to talk about it because I come across as a know it all.

Maggie shared a bit of wisdom. I personally have an incredibly difficult time being mindful, so reading articles really helps set the pace and remind me of what’s important.

Trent from The Simple Dollar gave practical advice on how to handle an accident. There are several things here I need to do. I used to have a first aid kit, but it suffered a slow death by starvation as I took things out for my use.

What was something you learned this week?


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