Reading Roundup

Earlier this week, I posted about my staycation and how I was going to spend it. Surprisingly (or maybe not so with my procrastinating nature), I finished The Collectorwatched a few episodes of House of Cards, and cooked several meals with my dad. I, however, did not put any real time into Fallout 4 or start my decluttering challenge. I did have an interview at Sprouts Farmer’s Market and will be going to orientation on Tuesday! So, my staycation will be coming to an end, but after spending four hours today cleaning out my Gmail, I can say I’ve been productive.

Jessica shared her shift from house-hunting to condo-hunting and the implications of being  part such a community. I find this extremely helpful as the housing prices here have skyrocketed recently and when I have enough for a down payment, it’ll be likely I’ll purchase a condo.

Alyssa encouraged readers to explore life both literally and figuratively. This has been my experience so far with my getting fired. I’ve had to take the time to investigate what I want to accomplish and who I want to be, what impact I want to make.

Trent at The Simple Dollar put some of my views into beautiful writing. He spelled out exactly how I think and feel 90% of the time. I’m still in the ‘training’ phase, but it’s nice to have some solidarity there.

Penny shared classroom stories with her readers about Bernie Sanders. I love her posts because of the way she talks with her students. I wish I’d had more teachers like her!

Johnny offered practical advice on how to protect yourself during this tax season. This is serious stuff guys. It can actually ruin lives.

On a lighter note, bonus!

Watch this video that Britt recommended and enable yourself to live your ideas.



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