Reading Roundup

Hey there! I’ve gotten back to it now. I’ve updated the blog a bit and have been applying for jobs while giving serious consideration to what I want to do with my life. Any suggestions? For now, I believe action is the best antidote for anxiety, or so they say. Though I will admit, applying for jobs and creating cover letters and really the entire process is quite stressful. If I didn’t have my emergency fund I would be super uncomfortable and definitely panicking. I hope your weeks went well!

Erica at No Sidebar encouraged readers to understand they are worthy. This is something I’ve been struggling with while applying for jobs. After getting fired, its hard to pick yourself back up and say that you are worth hiring. It really is.

Mike at The Billfold interviewed Helaine Olen on her new book about the personal finance industry (it’s on my list!). This is an incredibly insightful read about the industry. I worked in it for an extremely short time and quite agree with the ideas she’s presenting.

James urged readers to stay the course if they want to achieve something truly unique to them. I agree with this, but it’s hard to find something your passionate about. I do love personal finance, but in regards to something more hands on or even a career, I’m struggling.

Alyssa shared her story for her first real job. This was a good read as I just utterly failed at my first potential career. It’s nice to have some solidarity there.

Saundra at The Simple Dollar gave useful advice on how to repair credit. I especially found it helpful how she distinguished the difference between credit repair, debt management, and debt settlement companies. I’d have never realized it.

What were your favorite posts this week?


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