February Budget

I’m definitely digging analyzing a budget again, but with my big job loss, March will definitely be different. I guess I’ll learn how to buckle down my spending again. Without further ado:

I’m starting to realize how difficult it is to even track this much. Frankly, I have too many accounts, roughly 25, to be able to check them all and make sure I catch every transaction, especially Mint acting up-more on that later.


Income was up to a whopping $2,553.29 this month between watching my bonus money from family and winning at the casino the first time I ever went there! However, dividends were down from what I expected. Interest decreased with my savings withdrawal to pay off the majority of my credit cards.

The income was distributed:

  • Paycheck: $2,243.81
  • Bonus: $295.50
  • Dividends: $6.26
  • Prosper: $6.34
  • Interest: $1.38

I received dividends from:

  • Apple (AAPL): $3.70
  • AT&T (T): $2.56

Interest was $0.01 from my credit union and $1.37 from my Ally account.


My total expenses for the month ran: ($2,613.43).

  • Bills: ($942.52)
  • Car: ($366.61)
  • Controllable: ($291.95)
  • Donations: ($45.00)
  • Financial: ($967.35)

Bills are divided between credit card payments, my gym membership, RTD pass (which gets reimbursed) and my MassageEnvy membership. I didn’t have any personal loan payments this month. Credit cards were higher than expected because I paid off my Nordstrom, Target, and Discover cards. I left my CapitalOne alone as it is still in the 0% APR introductory period.

I spent roughly $60 on gas this month and the rest was my car payment and car insurance.

Controllable expenses include $70 in food, tips to MassageEnvy, and entertainment. I’ll be going to a Blue October concert this year! I’ve regretted going the last two times they’ve been in time, so I just pulled the trigger this time.

I donated $15 more than I normally do because I put some money toward my friend’s bowl-a-thon he has for work.

Financials was split between Acorns ($12), Digit ($49), TradeKing ($100), Roth ($458.33), whole life insurance ($48), Prosper ($25), and savings ($75). Loyal 3 didn’t happen as it was an off month, so it’ll pull twice in March. I also pulled money out of my Ally account to pay off credit cards this month.

Total Picture

I was in the negative $60.14 this month. Tracking my spending is definitely helping me keep tabs on my expenses. I mean, I only spent $70 on food! Food is my vice!

Additionally, I’ve decided to track No Spend Days (number of days I didn’t spend money). The way I’ll be doing this is by tracking controllable expenses. These are non-automated expenses. In February, I had 17 No Spend Days, not bad, but more than every other day. Let’s see how March goes!

Lastly, not only did my net worth go up a whopping 24.40% with a PF score of .58, I also crossed the $10,000 threshold!

What did your February look like?


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