Hey there! You all might have noticed on my net worth page, I know I haven’t done a monthly update yet, but I wanted to commemorate my achievement. For the first time, I’ve broken the $10,000 barrier!

In February, I reached a total of $11,467.73, a 24.40% increase from last month! I blew past $10,000. The lowest of the month was on the first at $9,208.44 and the highest on the last day at the full amount I listed. It was just a stable month for my net worth.

Personally, I find the fact that I have such a large margin above the $10k mark rather consoling. On Friday, I lost my job. It was well deserved, but still feels rather sudden. I don’t know exactly when I’ll be in work again, but I know it will be soon, even if I end up underemployed.

Frankly, I feel like much of the personal finance community has trouble not doing some form of work, whether it be through 9-5 or freelance. This is very consoling because I know all of you will be very supportive and, frankly, fantastic influences on me in this.

Despite my situation, I am still thrilled to have a roughly $2,000 emergency fund, which I now feel is a bit small, but it’ll give me the opportunity to focus on my job hunt without becoming too much of a burden to my family.

I’ll keep you posted, but in the meantime, let’s keep our eyes forward because, really, we can all accomplish great things if we really just keep going.

When did you hit your first big milestone?


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