Reading Roundup

Had a bit of an up this week compared to my last couple, stuck to the routine, but spent a bit too much money. There were so many good articles to read, so please enjoy the slightly longer list! Please tell me what you think about your favorites.

Cait described how the power of visualization coupled with action plans has helped her accomplish her goals. Almost all of us are guilty of creating our Pinterests with endless boards of projects we’ll never accomplish. Cait describes why action plans (and physical reminders) are a better alternative.

Jordann reminded readers of practical reasons as to why she is not ready to buy a house. As I would love to move out from my parents’ house, it can get easy sometimes to think of FHA loans and overpriced Denver rent. The practical reminder is nice.

Broke Millennial explained the importance of maintaining accurate beneficiaries after being reminded in her evening class. Important to note, beneficiaries outrank wills (which I still need to make…). Beneficiaries and wills are important in order to keep money out of the courts and in the family (or with intended parties).

Sam explained how he games mortgage rates to effectively make more than he’s spending on interest. This method requires a lot of capital, but is solid when interest rates are low and you maintain good discipline.

Doom outlined his latest life “Aha!” moment in which a call from his mother led to a fruitful journey to past aspirations. I love the idea of being able to follow creative endeavors after I’ve reached a comfortable financial point. It’s why I do this.

Finally, bonus articles!

You may have heard of her, but Talia Jane wrote an open letter to Yelp! on February 19th and was promptly fired for outlining the issues she’s experienced trying to survive on her entry-level wage.

Following this, Stefanie Williams responded with her own open letter to the former Yelp! employee. This letter reminds me a lot of how my father used to tell stories (satirically) about walking five miles uphill each way to get to school rain, snow, or shine.

Finally, Bridget Eastgaard (Money After Graduation) tied the two together with a refreshing “we’re all in this together” (cue High School Musical soundtrack) mentality.

Frankly, costs of living between school loans, ridiculous rents, and underpaid graduates is tearing our country apart. I am a millennial. I am privileged to have parents who can host me as I get to a living wage, but things are bad for so many people out there and I find it hard to believe that they’ll get better if things don’t change. But just as Bridget said, the status quo won’t change if we don’t make it.

What are your thoughts on the bootstrapping martyrdom complex?

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