Reading Roundup

Hey there! I’ve been keeping up my routine pretty well this week outside of the fact I have barely slept. I’m reasonably certain it’ll take an awful lot for me to watch my grandparents dogs again. I thought my dogs were spoiled, no sir! But, I did go to the gym the three days that I said I would, so progress over last week!

1500 Days posted about where he grew up and the opportunities he’s had to get where he is today. He closes that by dreaming big, you can avoid the normal results from normal effort. Take the time to be extraordinary.

Financial Samurai explained what he had gained from working for Uber and why he was leaving. My favorite part is where he describes a client of his and what he needed to do to get his son on track.

Get Rich Slowly shared a review on Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover. The recommendations are pretty straightforward for those of us in the personal finance community, but, I must say, this article pointed out that having a $1,000 (or any amount really) emergency fund can be a reminder that you’ve succeeded,managed something that so few people are able to do.

Bridget Eastgaard at Money After Graduation shared “7 Reasons Why You Should Never Borrow Money for a Down-Payment.” The most eye-opening part was where she explained that a 5% down-payment doesn’t actually equal 5% in equity, which I had never thought about.

Finally, from Amanda at Musical Poem, “If We Were on a Coffee Date.” By far my favorite article of the week, but I’m a romantic deep down and these kinds of creative exploits always remind me of all the little things in life that make it truly amazing. I’ll need to do this one of these days.

What inspired you this week?


6 thoughts on “Reading Roundup

  1. Hi Katie-

    First, thank you for linking to my post; I’m glad you found it worthy.

    Second, you’re 21? Holy crap, you’re killing it in life. I’m so impressed. If I had 1/4 of your knowledge when I was 21, I’d have 4x as much money now.

    And I see you’re in Colorado. If you live (or your travels find you) near Boulder County, please look us up. The Mrs. and I would love to chat in person.

    • Hey Mr. 1500! Sure thing and thanks for stopping by! I started getting interested in the PF community back when I was 18 and have been working toward financial freedom since then. I find it really fun to make money out of money, honestly.

      I live in the Aurora area and work downtown, but I’d love to chat sometime as well!

      • “I find it really fun to make money out of money, honestly.”

        Yeah, me too! One of the things I’ll miss about leaving work is that I won’t have any more money to invest. I get a little rush every time I send money to my 401(k).

        I may be meeting some other FI types downtown around 3/9 after work. I’ll send you a not if it happens.

      • I know exactly what you mean. I’m rather happy that I have so much time left to earn money in the workplace. Its so much fun to find new ways to allocate it!

        I would love to meet up! I’ll block it on my calendar for now. Please let me know when you know more!

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