January Budget

Reposted with edits as my original math was majorly off. 

It’s been quite a while since I checked my monthly budgets; I’m more of an overall picture rather than nickel-and-dime kind of gal, but I definitely found this month to be very helpful in seeing where I am and what’s going on. I even noticed that I was billed twice for my gym membership, so, moral of the story, check your transactions occasionally.


I received a total of $2,316.12 in income this month. This is up from last month as I deposited some Christmas and birthday money and also received my raise. Yay!

The income was distributed through:

  • Paycheck: $1,901.81
  • Bonus: $395.00
  • Dividends: $6.99
  • Prosper: $7.14
  • Kiva: $3.63
  • Interest: $1.55

Bonuses and Kiva typically won’t show up. Kiva is leftover from some loans that didn’t really pan out, so there’ll occasionally be some money that will trickle in, but overall that experiment did not work out. I also don’t include any gift cards or hard gifts as income because, frankly, they’re too annoying to keep track of. However, my boss did give me a $40 gift card for my birthday, which I thought was pretty cool. She’s a classy lady.

I received dividends from:

  • Disney (DIS): $1.24
  • Spirit Realty Capital (SRC): $2.25
  • Vereit (VER): $3.50

Interest was $0.02 from my credit union and $1.53 from my Ally account.


My total expenses for the month ran ($3,298.25).

  • Bills: ($1,056.68)
  • Controllable: ($609.56)
  • Car: ($400.30)
  • Donations: ($35.00)
  • Financials: ($1,196.71)

Bills are split between my credit cards, a personal loan, RTD pass (gets reimbursed), and miscellaneous expenses (MassageEnvy contract, Planet Fitness).

My controllable expenses included family ~($200), shopping ~($400), food ~($50), and miscellaneous (haircuts, etc).

My car had unexpected repairs for ($32) and parking ($20).

Donations will be ($25) in the future since I changed who I’m donating to. I felt it was better to donate more to a single cause rather than a few dollars here or there to others that were less important to me.

Financial is split between savings (Digit, Prime, Ally) and investments (Loyal3, TradeKing, NML, Acorns, Prosper).

February won’t have family or nearly as much shopping, though I will be staying at the casino with some girl friends one night. I will also be returning a couple items I bought as they didn’t fit well after a couple hours, so I’ll get a bit of a windfall as well.

Total Picture

I completely blew away the month at ($982.13). My checking account currently has about a $400.00 buffer, but I would like to get it back up to $500. Had I spent half the money on shopping and my grandparents deposited my payments to them on time, I would’ve been in the negative roughly $400, which is what I expected.

Each year I buy all my bras at once from Nordstrom because I like having a person get me a bunch of options and get a fitting each time, a total of $391.97 this year. I also take my little cousin out on a quarterly adventure, which was $101.99 this month. I save up for these things as I go, so I know there will be months with irregular spending.

Despite the additional spending and market downturn, my net worth went up by 1.49%! Nice.

Lastly, my credit card balances are finally under $1,000 again. This was due to an accidental double payment in December, but it still works.

How did January work out for you?


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