Reading Roundup

How have things been? I’ve started falling off the rails with my fitness. I only went to the gym once this week! It’ll be fine though, we all need breaks occasionally. I’ve been too strict with my overall routine and had decided to chill out a bit, but, apparently, when I chill out, I just completely drop the ball. So, I think instead of going to the gym four days a week, I’ll try three instead and see if it’s easier to keep up. Stay tuned! I’ll let you know how it goes.

Living A FI posted about blogging and his reasons behind the hobby. My least favorite part of his posts, he seems to be planning to leave the community sometime soon! I rather enjoy his tongue-in-cheek. I guess for now we’ll have to enjoy it while we can.

The folks over at Our Next Life discussed taking healthcare subsidies through the exchanges during early retirement. Fun fact, people can get subsidies no matter their net worth; it’s income based.

Kirk discussed on his blog the deep discount Apple seems to be under and the hypotheticals of Apple continuously buying-back shares.

Maggie at Northern Expenditure described some of the different meanings of “I Can’t Afford It.” I enjoyed the discussion on semantics and how it can effect the people around you, especially young kids. Every time I hang out with my nine-year-old cousin, I try to emphasize how she doesn’t need to worry about money when she’s with me, but she’s become quite aware of it.

An article written by Mitch for Financial Advsior magazine details how the Mayo clinic started and the principles the brothers held to create the organization.

‘Till next time!

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