Reading Roundup

Hey, everyone! It’s officially the end of the month. How are those resolutions going? I’ve managed to keep two of my activities up, but living Intentionally is more difficult. Any tips on what I could do to keep it more in the forefront of my mind?

Without further ado:

Cait from Blonde on a Budget shared the second part to her Shopping Ban series. I particularly like how she mentioned tracking your triggers to identify the reasons behind the spending.

Financially Integrated included his lessons from the market downturn. I could take a tip here because I don’t keep enough cash on hand to be able to act quickly when there’s a dip in the market.

Jim from the Wallet Hacks team shared seven ratios to help readers handle money. I was enlightened by the Net Worth ratio he shared. By the math, my net worth should be at $69,300. Alas, it is nowhere near there…

Paula at Afford Anything shared a method to make personal finance easier to manage: simplifying. I’ve noticed that when I start to think of all the different things I could be doing (forex, options, etc), I become quite overwhelmed. Currently, peer-to-peer lending and monthly stock purchases are enough for me while I build up my emergency fund.

Jessica Moorhouse reminded readers to take life as it comes because things constantly change. I used to plan years in advance, but now I know things can change from each day to the next.

What did you learn this week?


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