New Habits

Hey, you! How are your New Year’s resolutions going? Still strong, waning, or did you never stop? Well, great news! You’re able to begin something at absolutely any time. Isn’t it great knowing you don’t have to adhere to societal expectations when it comes to your own being?

I have this wonderful habit of trying new things and dropping them shortly thereafter. Today, I read an article by James Clear detailing how long it actually takes to develop a habit. Funny thing-it’s different for everyone and can actually take significantly longer than the 21 days that everyone’s heard. Surprisingly enough, it can even take 254 days.

That’s correct. 254 days, roughly 8.5 months, or  70% of the year to develop a new habit.

Now, please note, the experiment James mentioned took place over a 12-week period in which results were then extrapolated for longer periods of time, but the results were still different among the 96 participants.

Therefore, know that your resolutions can take as much as 70% of the year to truly develop into a habitual part of your being.


I know that it takes more than three months, possibly seven, for me to truly develop a habit. I cannot go longer than a couple months without chewing on my nails, a habit I’ve had as long as I can remember. My average tenure at a gym is six months. Since I have an incredible amount of trouble maintaining the established routines after those lengths of time, I would have to believe that my timeline for developing something truly habitual is longer than either, so I guess we’ll see where I am closer to that 254 days mark!

What are some habits you are trying to develop?


2 thoughts on “New Habits

  1. I’m trying to get in to the habit of budgeting throughout the month instead of just setting a budget and failing at it! All joking aside, I’ve been adding up my actual spending (including saving receipts and checking bank transactions) and I’ve found it’s really helped me to stick to a budget – even if it is boring.

    Hopefully later in the year, keeping track of my spending will be more of a habit!

    • I tried doing that for a while and it really is eye-opening to see where all the money goes. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t do a great job of keeping receipts. Now, I use to track all that (as I only use my debit and credit cards) and am considering checking it out again to see what my actual spending is. It is a hard habit to keep, though, so I applaud you!

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