Reading Roundup

Hey, Everyone! I hope your weeks have gone well. Please continue to not stress about the market, there’s only so much you can do.

Paula at Afford Anything explained, both in simple and “geeky” terms, how to begin investing to accomplish your goals. This article helped calm my fears of having potentially, mistakenly opened a Roth versus a Traditional IRA.

Cait at Blonde On A Budget explained the basic structure to her famous Shopping Ban!

Sam at Financial Samurai taught readers how and when to invest in CD’s, certificates of deposit. He explained  how the interest rates are correlated to current market standards and stressed the importance of an emergency fund, something I am currently working on building.

Jessica Moorhouse helped readers maintain their New Year’s resolutions (how are yours doing?) by outlining SMART goals. This method has been helpful for me in the past, whether it was building my savings or purchasing my car.

Our Next Life invited readers into their personal life by discussing both sides of a money issue they were experiencing with their significant other. My favorite part of this article was where they outlined the difference caused by scarcity. This is something I’ll have to look at for myself in the future.

What were your favorite readings from this week?


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