Living Life #Intentionally

Recently, I was directed to #OneWord365. This site formed on the premise of a one word resolution. You take the energy you would put into any typical New Year’s resolutions and put it toward shaping your life around a word of your choosing.

While I roughly knew what my 2016 financial goals would be, I hadn’t really been able to put shape to anything outside the personal finance world. This concept really allows me the freedom to adjust to life’s circumstances while still aiming for my goals.

I’ve picked Intentional for my word.

Intentional, defined by Merriam Webster, is “done in a way that is planned or intended.”

The reason behind this word is because I know I have much room to improve in my life, especially where other people are concerned. I am not the best in social situations and can be, in fact, incredibly awkward and not think through what I am saying or doing. Because of this, I’ve created unintended grief. Grief for myself and those around me. Grief is painful.

In other words, I’m trying to tidy up my life by ensuring all my actions and words are intended. If I say what I mean and do what I say, then things will flow better and while it will take a while, I do expect this to help my social interactions as well.

What’s your theme for the year?


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