New Year

Hey Everyone!

Happy New Year! I know this is pretty much a made up holiday, but it is nice to have the time off and the culture to review things. As you can see, I’ve changed my website quite a bit. My motivations have changed substantially since the beginning, so we’ll see what happens.Feel free to check out the goals, me, etc tabs; they’re all updated for the new year. I fell off the path a bit and let things run on autopilot. Autopilot isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I typically spend quite a bit of money when I do, which i did. My credit cards are back under a grand, again, so things are looking up.

I think I’ll change my strategy and put all reoccurring expenses on the credit cards and autopay them each month; all other expenses will be through my debit card. I apparently can’t handle the responsibility of credit cards.

2015 in Review

I worked at three jobs: intern, kennel worker, and “Director of Operations” (aka glorified admin assistant-pays well and has benefits with a stellar boss, though).

I dropped out of school as my last semester’s GPA was a whopping .5. I’ve decided to pursue a career for now.

I grew my assets substantially and purchased my first real (non-craigslist) vehicle!

I now have four credit cards: CapitalOne, Discover, Target, and Nordstrom with a total credit limit of more than $11,000.

I have around $10,000 invested with dividends of more than $75 and a passive income total of more than $150.

2016 Ahead

I plan on doubling my net worth, paying off my loan from my grandparents, and being more aggressive in my approach to income growth. I get an automatic raise of 10% with the new year (part of my employment offer) and plan to save at least 75% of it.

What did 2015 look like for you?


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