What is left?

Good evening everyone!

Lately I’ve been trying to improve my life between paying down my credit card, solidifying my processes, and just doing things that are better for me. For instance, I will get my elliptical fixed, come hell or highwater. The customer service I have encountered leaves much to be desired. I have also surrounded myself with different people than I did even a month ago. It’s this nondenominational Christian group. I am not religious, but am taking the opportunity to explore the values.

This past Sunday I heard a sermon, two actually, that really touched me.

The first was that tithing is a pretty typical and its normal for people to donate money, for whatever reason they choose to. I donate $25 a month, $5 each to five causes. I wish I could do more, and, honestly, I probably could. Unfortunately, it isn’t as much as a priority as it should be, but the first sermon said: Think about not how much you give, but how much is left over after giving. This really hit me because I can get really wrapped up in my honest greediness for financial independence. I know I can give more and not just monetarily, but with my time as well. I’ve signed up for a local food event and hopefully I’ll continue to do these things. Hold me to it everyone!

The second sermon was from a guest minister. He was from Vietnam and actually used to be a famous actor there. That was before he followed ‘that weird group’. This man, and his story, I will neither justice with this summary. He was persecuted in Vietnam, arrested, attacked, and lost his job and passion from following what he believed. However, he has continued to work for his beliefs. This man now has the land for a church and almost 200 Christian disciples. Despite having to practice his beliefs underground, he has made so much progress and helped so many. It was amazing to hear his story.

I’m not religious, but these stories… they restore my faith in good.

Anyway, I just wanted to share these two points. I’m not committed to financial independence completely for myself. I want to use the freedom I’ll acquire to truly dedicate myself to helping others, family and not. This reminded me of that. I think we all need these wake-up calls occasionally.

What wake up calls have you had in the past?


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