Berkshire Hathaway Takeaways

Good evening!

I took the time to read the BRK shareholder letter today. Even though I own only four-tenths of a share, I know I can gain some wisdom from those much more successful than me.

“Volatility is far from synonymous with risk” (18).

“With the acquisition of Van Tuyl, Berkshire noww owns 9 1/2 companies that would be listed on the Fortune 500 were they independent (Heinz is the 1/2). That leaves 490 1/2 fish in the sea. Our lines are out” (5).

Berkshire’s headquarters is run by 25 people (6).

“…my experience in business helps me as an investor and that my investment experience has made me a better businessman” (6).

“My leisurely pace in making sales…[is called] ‘thumb sucking'” (8).

“You see a cockroach in your kitchen; as the days go by, you meet his relatives” (18).

And above all else…

Buffett believes in America.

My family has a man whom everyone turns to for economic advice. He is the most successful member of the family, having made his money off a mattress chain, other businesses, as well as the stock market. Every time I see him, he is complete “doom and gloom” toward the USA. He is not alone. More and more millennials I know want to tuck tail to another country. I sometimes consider it, then become fearful of having to learn another monetary system and their ways of making money. Reading this letter reaffirmed my will to live in the United States.

The other points address my concerns with: investing, funnies, trivia, education, and selling (x2) respectively.

Two books recommended include: Where Are the Customer’s Yachts? and The Little Book of Common Sense Investing.
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One thought on “Berkshire Hathaway Takeaways

  1. One of the most famous letters to shareholders ever written. One can certainly glean a lot of insight from many of the statements made in the letter. Clearly, one should buy quality, not fret the day to day noise and should wake up happy in the future. Thanks for sharing some of the highlights.

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