Recent Buy: ORI

I purchased 30 shares of ORI at $15.41/share for a total of $462.30 + $4.95 TK fee. With a quarterly dividend of .185 a share, this will add a balance of $21.90 to my forward annual income, which is now at $31.71 from dividends in my TK account without DRIP predictions.

Old Republic International Corporation is a dividend champion with more than 30 years of raised dividends. They are in the insurance industry and provide valuable services such as underwriting. I did spend slightly more on them than I wanted to. I wanted to spend about $15.15 a share, which is about $0.30 cheaper, but they have been so volatile lately and I believe they will only increase in value. I shouldn’t have let my fear of increase get in the way. Next time I will stick to my cost basis.

For now, I am happy with my new focus.

What recent buys have you made? How do you decide your cost basis?


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