Unexpected Cost

So, I have had issues with my jaw ever since I got my wisdom teeth removed back in the summer of 2012. My first dentist told me that it was from my grinding in my sleep. Turns out, that wasn’t it. I have TMJ (tension muscle jaw?). I don’t really care what it stands for, I care that it means I have to get braces to fix an underbite. The struggle is real my friends. I will be 20 with braces. Well, I mean I do have just under a full year until I am 20, so who knows! Maybe if I am extremely careful I will have them off early.

I meet with the orthodontist on the 12th. I’m estimating this to cost approximately $4500. I was hoping to get my portfolio, etc. up, but that won’t happen. At least I have a large emergency fund. I’ll be able to afford about half immediately. Luckily, my family does this through modern dentistry and my sister had no interest financing. I am hoping for the same deal. That means I would just have to pay $150ish per month and maybe I won’t have to dip into my savings, so instead I could invest. I am working a consistent schedule again so I’ll be making approximately $500-600 a month.

Bills, bills, bills! Its a part of growing up. At least this will save me money in the long time and I’ll have gorgeous teeth.

What are some horribly inconvenient costs you’ve had to face?


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