The Importance of: Smiling

Ever heard the phrase “Fake it till You Make it”? Well, it is true. Studies have shown that if you are having a cruddy day and fake your smile, eventually you will actually feel like you are having a better day. Isn’t that nice?

Back in the days of severe depression, I would rely on this method. It enabled me to have a better day and make it to the next one, which was the ultimate goal I reassigned myself each day. Nowadays, I genuinely smile unless it is a horrible day.

This little statement kept me, literally, alive for years. So automatically I have lived longer, which I must say, is spectacular.

Smile because it will make your day better.

Smile because it can make someone’s day better.

Smile because for all the girls out there, do you really want those frown lines? J

What makes you smile?


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