If you are one of the few without Netflix, I recommend you rectify that.

Netflix is the end all to be all of movie and tv show watching. If you are looking to radically change your expenses, cancel your cable and switch to Netflix. My grandmother spends $7.99 for instant access streaming to hundreds of television shows and movies, ranging from decades to weeks old. For a small fee, she can watch an unlimited amount of personalized shows and movies, for cheaper than a ticket for one at the average urban movie theater.

I say personalized because you can have multiple accounts on the one overarching bill. For instance, there is a “Robin” and a “Katie” on this account. What is good about this, is that my Netflix sends me a “Top Picks” list filled with dramas and documentaries, while my grandmothers has many mysteries and thrillers.

What is even better about this is that with a simple login, you can use it on your smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, Wii, Xbox, PS, or smart tv. It is fantastic. I can marathon on my desktop, switch to my laptop, watch it on my Xbox, and continue it later on my phone. I love it and use it all the time. Furthermore, for those of you who are thinking about investing in an Xbox One, you can even play games while watching Netflix, which I must say, is fantastic. Once my family has the One, I’ll be able to work on my Minecraft while watching Dexter rather than setting up a table hosting my laptop as I work away in ‘Barren’.

Another plus? Netflix has quirky titles. J

My most popular: “Dramas featuring a strong female lead”. One of my friends has a Canadian line.

What streaming service do you use and what are your favorite shows or personalized lines?


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