Why I Like Working

I have noticed a good portion of the blogs I follow mentioning how they plan not to work in their current jobs or not to work at all once they achieve financial independence. I personally do not understand this.

I have always had problems socially. It is difficult for me to make new friends in person as well as to try new things or go out to places. Having a job helps me do these things. Fortunately for me, my job is also relatively cushy with a lot of down time.

  1. Socializing
  2. Financial independence (different kind J)
  3. Stability
  4. Schedule
  5. Professional

All of these seem necessary in order to live a full life and one where I can potentially travel to other opportunities. I do not mind working and I like that it gets me out of the house and provides stability. These things are not always easy to achieve. I am also grateful to have a job, especially one that works with school and other life obligations.

Plus, when I achieve FI, I am pretty sure that the extra income will only help.

Do you like working? What benefits (besides HC, etc.) do you gain from?


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