Job Opportunities

I have told you before and I will probably mention it again that my family has owned its own business for more than 100 years. My sister has definitely profited off this every summer and winter since she was eleven, as she worked in the stores. In fact, she could probably make a pretty penny as a manager, but she doesn’t live here long enough at any one time to retain an “upper-level” position. I say “upper-level” because, really, with about ten employees, how do you really get to “upper-level”? One of my mother’s employees, who moved to Seattle, made $30k this past year before he moved. I don’t know if that was gross or net though, but still impressive considering the business.

So, this being said, you would probably expect me to say that I have worked there, literally all the time, since I was a similar age. I did not start until I was fourteen. I also worked cleaning for an hourly rate rather than deal with people and potentially get commission. I really hated people when I was younger. I also hated that job and working with my mother. I worked off and on for several summers. Finally, I decided I wanted to seriously work, as I was not gaining much from this job.

So, during my senior year of high school, I began thinking and talking to my friends about possibly looking for a job. Eventually, in October, one of my friends asked me, “My previous boss is asking if I know anyone for this job. Do you want it or not?” I accepted.

A week later, I had an interview and got the job.

I worked first in concessions, and moved up to front desk in March, which was a $0.30 raise.

Yes, it was one part luck, but I also emailed and dressed and spoke professionally. I made myself very available, going to interview during one of my offs and always volunteering information. It also helped that I emphasized wanting to spread my wings from a family business and grow both professionally and personally.

I think many people either believe themselves above or below work. For instance, my sister, with years of experience under her belt, would never work at a McD’s. I personally never wanted to work in food, but life turned out differently than planned, which is okay. If you need a job, you have to be willing to work for it and also try avenues you have not before. Anything is better than nothing. Do not give up before you have started.

What jobs have you held and what were your motivations for getting them?


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