The Importance of: Reading

Let me tell you the story of a seven year old in elementary school. Lying at the bottom of a bookshelf, a little girl looked through picture books. All around her students were picking books and putting them away from the top shelves. See, this little girl could not pick anything higher than probably the third row, as all the other books were just with words. This girl did not understand these words. The teacher called this girl over and took her outside the room to meet with another teacher and surprisingly the girl’s parents as well. The next day and the day after and the day after that and so forth, the girl’s father took her to school a full hour early to be tutored in reading. Finally, after a year of arduous lessons, this girl was able to pick from the top shelf.

This girl was me.

I vividly remember most of my public government mandated school years. I left a part out of that story, where a boy of the same age in the same class pointed his finger at me and made fun of me in front of the entire class (but of course the teacher didn’t see) about the fact that I could not read. I was literally the last student in that class who could not read. That teacher was Ms. Eevee (yes, like the Pokémon) and later was known as Ms. Solano. Thanks to her (and I did make sure to tell her) I was able to be one of the top students in the school as well as achieve a greater understanding of life.

For years I read absolutely anything I could get my hands on. I literally (LITERALLY) read every single book in my elementary school library and will never forget some of them.

Books are so important.

Not only does reading increase your comprehension of basic living laws, it also increases your vocabulary, makes you more likely to graduate from high school and college as well as makes you a better problem solver. Furthermore, it is enjoyable. Reading takes you away from everyday troubles and lets you learn about the world and other worlds and absolutely anything else you may be interested in. Reading is a fundamental necessity in success.

However, according to The Globe, the overall world literacy rate is 84%. This means 16% of seven billion, or as they list it, 775 million cannot understand basic signs. So as there is a “Main Street” in most cities, an illiterate person would not be able to read this sign.

If we ever, as a world, actually want to help people out of war and poverty, we must increase this rate because the more intelligent the person, the less likely they are to be in negative conditions and lacking of basic necessities.

So read.

What was your favorite childhood book and what do you read on a regular basis?

Mine was Little Bunny on the Move and I currently read Personal Finance blogs, Time Magazine, National Geographic, and news on at least a weekly basis.


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