Retirement: Retiring Early

I follow a lot, and I do mean a lot, or early retirement blogs, such as or, and I am wondering what my definition of early retirement is and weighing the benefits and drawbacks to doing so are.


RB40 is committing retirement as an online blogger and a stay at home dad. So technically, he is still working. While I don’t really see retirement as still working in any form, I think I would just be incredibly bored if I was not at least doing something. My grandfather, at 70, is retired. He works at the lake during the summer and works during the winter at a local bar. He cannot stand just sitting around and always must be doing something. My grandmother is much the same, but she doesn’t work and plays a lot of Facebook games instead. So I honestly think that I will work for the majority of my life. I just don’t think it will be in an actual everyday job.

Furthermore, I believe it is living comfortably without having to worry in any way, shape, or form each year about any payment. I hope to be financially independent to meet my goals and live the way I want.


  1. No Boss
  2. Time to Enjoy
  3. Time for Family and Friends


  1. No Predetermined Paycheck
  2. Family Most Likely Working
  3. Boredom

I still plan to be able to retire early; I just don’t quite know when this will be.

What do you think of early retirement? Do you think it is possible to retire by traditional standards still?


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