Savings: ARC Thrift Stores

I used to be one of the ‘Entitled’. I used to save up hundreds of dollars to just blow away at stores such as Buckle, Aeropostale, and American Eagle. Don’t get me wrong, I still occasionally buy from them, but I tend to shop the sales. I would avoid stores like Goodwill and Arc like they would bury my social status, not that I was very high on the middle or high school popularity ladders, but I would get snotty with my parents any time they tried to convince me to shop at such a store. I mean, I thought they were beneath me and that there was no way we were poor enough to shop at these places.

When I grew up, and really started to make my own money rather than spend my parents, I grew to respect these places and now frown upon my friends or I ever spending full price at one of these stores. I even try to avoid spending full price at an ARC! On Black Friday, most everything was 50% off their normally low prices, I swear I bought fifteen books for like twenty bucks. It was fantastic. I also bought a desk and matching chair for my room at only $30 total!

However, I do limit what I buy from such stores. I will buy shirts, jeans, bags, and miscellaneous items such as books. I will not buy underwear, socks, shoes, or broken items from them. I do this mostly for health reasons. Recently, a coworker brought up something I had never thought about: People fart in those jeans; do you really want to buy them?

Unfortunately jeans are an expensive and a necessity, so yes; I will buy someone else’s jeans.

What are your limits and your favorite bargain stores? 


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