The Importance of: Goals

Have you ever had the feeling you were completely lost and had no idea where to go? Either physically or mentally? I have, it isn’t very pleasant. Luckily for me, the last time I had this feeling was some time ago, back in the beginning of high school. I was having boy troubles. What a waste of life, worrying about boys.

Anyway, one way to mitigate this feeling is to have goals and to consistently work toward said goals. Currently, I have both yearly and weekly goals. and both helped me develop these two. I also have personal unwritten goals since they aren’t high on the list.

My weekly goals, which run Monday to Sunday, for the week of 12/9-12/15 are:

Week of 12/9-12/15
Family See my g’rents
Cook dinner
Talk to Brit over phone
Personal Read for fun
Workout for one hour
Start a puzzle
Take care of car
Work Invest smartly
Care for plants
Play nice

I mentioned having yearly goals, these are for 2014, as I did not have any for 2013 except to start getting on my feet.

The unwritten goals are things having to do with my home. I have a bit of a fleet of dogs and so my house can get pretty messy. My mother has lost motivation to keep a clean home. My father works about 60 hours a week in retail in a job requiring heavy lifting, so he is too tired to clean. My sister lives out of state and only contributes to the messiness. So, that leaves me.

We have a rather large house with two full floors and a full-size basement and backyard. I repeatedly clean out the laundry room and put away everyone’s clothing. I sweep, steam, and vacuum the entire first floor on a regular basis. I pick up after our very rude dogs. I shovel and sweep the front and back. I clean and declutter the basement. I keep my room and laundry neat.

I also am a full-time student with 16 credit hours this coming semester and work between 20 and 40 hours a week.

I have a lot to do and honestly without the goals, would be completely overwhelmed. Goals are important because they allow you to see where you are going and how to get there and also hold you accountable. Who likes feeling like a failure when they see they have accomplished absolutely nothing, at least visibly? Seeing the visual is also quite motivating as it is progress. Almost everyone likes progress!

What are you goals and how do you make sure you achieve them (regardless if it is on time)?


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